Evolution of Morphology and Behaviour for Physically Modelled Creatures

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Over the last few years I investigated methods to increase the behavioural complexity of physically modelled creatures that can be generated using artificial life techniques. Some demos are available.

Email Discussion List

In order to maintain the discussion between groups currently working in this topic, I have set up an email discussion list called EMBody (Evolution of Morphology and Behaviour). More information on this list, and instructions for subscribing to it, are available at http://lists.idyll.org/listinfo/embody


I co-organised the Workshop on the Coevolution of Brains and Bodies, and was held at the Seventh International Conference on Artificial Life (in Portland, Oregon, 1-6 August 2000). Details of this event and abstracts from the talks are available here.


When I finished my PhD, I worked for MathEngine for a while, where I was reimplementing Karl Sims' work using MathEngine's simulation tools. A demo is available here.

Related Research on Evolving Virtual Creatures

I have just started compiling this list of related research. The dates are indicative only - they are based, where applicable, on the first date of publication of the research. I include them to give a rough idea of chronology, but realise that this sort of work requires a lot of development time before publication. If you feel strongly that I have given an incorrect date to a particular project, let me know! Email me if you know of any other projects that should be mentioned here. There is a nice presentation on levitated.net which includes various examples of virtual creatures.

Physics Engines

Here is a list of free or commercially available physics engines which might be useful for anyone wanting to write their own system for evolving virtual creatures. If you know of any others to add to this list, please let me know!
New (January 2007): Here are some new physics engines that I haven't yet looked at in detail:
Chris Hecker has a useful webpage about the simulation of rigid body dynamics. The gPhysics site is a blog about physics simulation and related topics, and also has a list of physics engines.

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