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My overriding research interest is the possibility of understanding and abstracting the necessary features of biological evolution in order to re-create such processes (i.e. the open-ended evolution of complex adaptations) in man-made systems (which could be, for example, in software, robots, or molecular- and nano-machines).

Most existing artificial evolution systems tend to fizzle out after a while, which demonstrates that it is not just Darwinian evolution that is required -- it is necessary to specify further requirements about the way the organisms and the environment are constructed, and how they interact.

A summary of my current research interests is as follows:
Theoretical Artificial evolutionary systems. Evolvability. Open-ended evolution. Self-replication. Ecology as a drive for evolution. Relational biology and autopoiesis. Combining genetic and cultural evolution with lifetime learning.
Applied Biologically-inspired controllers for robot swarms. Evolution of morphology and behaviour for physically-modelled creatures. Behavioural animation.

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