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Random Distribution

Another way in which the distribution of environmental energy can be made non-uniform in Cosmos is to have it distributed randomly. Under this scheme, chunks of energy tokens are distributed to grid positions at random, until the total amount has been allocated.6.6 If the mean number of energy tokens distributed to each grid position was the same as in the standard run (i.e. 30 per time slice), then the populations soon died out. The mean number was therefore increased by threefold to 90 energy tokens per time slice, and the maximum number of energy tokens that any grid position could store was also increased somewhat. Under these conditions, the populations could often survive for reasonable durations. The non-default parameter settings for these experiments are shown in Table 6.10.

Table 6.10: Non-default Parameter Values for Random Energy Experiments.
Parameter Value
number_of_energy_tokens_per_grid_pos_per_sweep 90
max_energy_tokens_per_grid_pos 150
energy_distribution_scheme random
energy_distribution_random_chunk_size 30


Tim Taylor