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max_cells_per_organism (type: non-negative integer, range: any)

Specifies the maximum number of cells in a multicellular organism.
movement_leverage_factor (type: non-negative real number, range: any)

Partially specifies how a multicellular organism moves as a result of its constituent cells trying to move. See Section 4.5.4.
apply_friction_factor (type: boolean, range: {yes,no})

Determines how organisms move when two or more cells occupy the same square in the environment. See Section 4.5.4.
multicellularity_penalty_factor (type: real number, range: any)

Specifies a cost for multicellularity, in the form of a number of energy tokens removed from each cell in a multicellular organism at each time slice, depending on how many other cells it neighbours within the organism. See Section 4.3.9.

Tim Taylor