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Start of Run

rng_seed (type: integer, range: any)

Used to seed the pseudo-random number generator at the start of the run. If rng_seed is negative, then an arbitrary seed is chosen (based upon the current clock time).
comment (type: character string, range: any)

An optional description of the run, which will appear in the run.log output file.
restart (type: boolean, range: {yes,no})

A value of yes will cause an interrupted run recorded in the file specified by the parameter restart_file to be restarted.
restart_file (type: character string, range: any)

The name of the file to be used to restart an interrupted run (see restart).
run_neutral_model (type: boolean, range: {yes,no})

If set to yes, a neutral model is run based upon data recorded in the input file neutral.dat. This file is generated during a previous run in which the parameter record_neutral_model_data is set to yes. For an explanation of neutral models, see Section 5.1.4.

Tim Taylor