Omnigram Explorer

A Simple Interactive Tool for Exploring Complex Computational Models


Introductory Video


Windows 64-bit (v1.1.1)
Windows 32-bit (v1.1.1)
Mac OS X (v1.1.1) (See note 1)
Linux 64-bit omnigram-v1p1p1-linux-64bit.tar.gz (v1.1.1)
Linux 32-bit omnigram-v1p1p1-linux-32bit.tar.gz (v1.1.1)
Source package (v1.1.1) (See note 2)


  1. You will see warnings about running an app from an unsigned developer if you run this version. It is safe to ignore these warnings.
    If you prefer, you can install Processing and the Omnigram source package, and run Omnigram from within Processing.

  2. Not a standalone app, requires Processing to be installed.

Source Code

Omnigram Explorer is written in Processing. The source code is available on GitHub at



Omnigram Explorer was developed by Tim Taylor, Alan Dorin and Kevin Korb at the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, in collaboration with Jodie McVernon, James McCaw, Nicholas Geard and Patricia Campbell at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health at the University of Melbourne.

The project was funded by ARC grant number DP110101758 ("Development of an 'ageing household' model for assessing medium to long-term vaccine impact in populations", Dr Jodie McVernon, Dr Kevin B Korb, Dr Kathryn Glass, Dr James McCaw, Dr Emma McBryde).

Page last updated: 9 January 2016